The Big 5: The Top Five News Stories this Week (4/2-4/8)

Happy first full week of April! This week brought some of the old: tornados ran through the country causing destruction and Trump headlines the news. But some new developments are here to shake order.


Trump Indictment 

Trump was finally officially indicted. On the 4th, Trump was called to testify in Manhattan. The former President now faces 34 felony charges in the state of New York. Trump pleaded not guilty to his charges. Trump still faces other possible indictments in other states. Some critics of Trump’s indictment on both sides of the aisle worry that if faced with charges Trump’s popularity will only rise. 




Finland Joins NATO 

Finland after a few weeks of speculation has officially joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. After 2020 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people have expected a possible increase in NATO and other western treaties. Finland joining NATO marks big changes to international relations. New questions arise on the Ukraine War and how NATO will respond with the inclusion of Finland. 




Two Tennessee Representatives Expelled

Yesterday, in Tennessee, two democratic state representatives were voted out of office. In a rare governmental action, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were expelled from their positions. Following the shooting in Tennessee last week, Jones and Pearson orchestrated a gun reform protest on the house floor which included bull horns and speaking out in others designated time. For violating decorum, Jones and Pearson were expelled from their positions by the Republican supermajority. 


Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons (SONY DSC)

Solar Eclipse 

The extremely rare astrological event, when the moon passes in front of the sun, is called a solar eclipse. This April 8th North America will experience this event. Reports say that a solar eclipse like this April’s will not occur again until 2045. The path of the eclipse crossed through Texas up through New England. New viewing events like tailgates and more were scheduled across the eclipse’s path to celebrate the event. 




Tornado Kills at Least 5 in Missouri

Two weeks ago, the United States South was shaken by a devastating tornado event, killing at least 21 people. This week brought another terrible weather event, this time in the central US. On April 5, in southeast Missouri in a town called Glen Allen, a tornado touched down early in the morning. The tornado ravaged through the rural Missouri town, killing at least 5 people. Clean up and relief programs have already started.