Spring Sports Competition Between Valor Media and Spring Sports



At the end of the school year, students are exhausted by the tests crammed into the last month of school, along with the finals which already bring so much stress. To relieve some of this stress the Valor Media class played a competition with the top athletes from the Spring Sports. This year was the Fifth Annual Spring Sports. Despite the students from the Valor Media class, unfortunately, being on the losing team every year, Kayla Mahlmann, a reporter with Valor Media, swears that she believes “this is going to be our year,” which was followed by a rambunctious cheer. In previous years, there were only a few categories the class won, like soccer. 

This year the contestants from the Valor Media class are Dillon Watson, Connor Pica, Kayla Mahlman, and Franklin Hinds, assisted by their filming crew in the class to capture every moment – the ups and downs of the event. Dillon Watson is a sophomore at Valor who competed in baseball. Connor Pica is a senior who competed in track, lacrosse, and tennis. Kayla is a freshman who competed in girls’ soccer and also doubled as a news reporter. Franklin Hinds is a junior who competed in discus. The contestants from the real athletes’ team were Peyton Holmes for track, Buck Cunningham for boys’ lacrosse who is the boys lacrosse captain, not the character, Kaley Kakac for girls’ lacrosse, Ian Kersten for baseball, and Mandy Patrick for girls’ soccer.

The first day of the competition was on Tuesday. The day was very windy and cold with the occasional moments when the sun decided to suddenly show up. It began with the track race between Pica and Peyton Holmes, which Peyton effortlessly won. Shortly after the lacrosse competition to see who can throw the ball the fastest and farthest began. The opponents were Buck Cunningham and Connor Pica. To no surprise, Cunningham won. 

The second day was the competition for girls’ soccer. The participants were Mandy Patrick and Kayla Mahlman. Patrick kicked the ball to fifty-eight mph, sixty-five mph, and sixty-one mph. Mahlman kicked the ball to thirty-five mph, forty mph, and thirty-eight mph. Shortly after, the girls’ lacrosse competition began with Kakac and Mahlman against each other. Kakac threw the ball at seventy-one mph. Obviously, the person who won was Kakac. When asked how the season was going, Kakac replied, “We’re getting big wins”. 

A few days passed, and it was time for the third day. It was time for one of the most popular universal sports. Tennis! First up was Connor Pica. The first shot was hit sixty-nine mph, the second shot was seventy-nine mph, third shot was ninety-nine mph. The next sport was discus, and the contestant from Valor Media was Franklin Hinds. The first throw went to a distance of ten, and the second went to a distance of fifteen.

After a few days of filming and competing in the stadium, it was time to count the results. The results were Valor Media team had to accept their lost to the real athletes team, which they did with such grace.